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The SLCG Investment Performance Calculator is offered solely for educational purposes. For advice, please consult your financial adviser or legal professional.

Investment Performance Calculator

Step 1: Enter Date & Value.

Out of Pocket Profit or Loss is the change in the value of an account adjusted for any deposits and withdrawals. The SLCG Investment Performance Calculator makes it easy to calculate your out-of-pocket profit or loss. Just enter your account value on a Start Date after 1/1/1989 and your account value on an End Date before 9/30/2013.

Start Date (mm/dd/yyyy): 
  Start Value:     
    End Date (mm/dd/yyyy):    End Value:   

Step 2: Enter Deposits & Withdrawals.

Next, enter up to 10 deposits of cash or securities and up to 10 withdrawals of cash or securities. You don't have to enter purchases or sales or dividends or interest. Just enter any new cash or securities you put into or took out of the account.

Cash & Securites Deposited

Cash & Securities Withdrawn

Date Amount Date Amount
(mm/dd/yyyyy) (mm/dd/yyyy)
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2. 2.
3. 3.
4. 4.
5. 5.
6. 6.
7. 7.
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10. 10.

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Step 3: Enter Asset Allocation.

You may want to know how your account's investment performance compared to well diversified portfolios of stocks, bonds and cash during the same time period. Choose from one of the stylized asset allocations below or specify your own preferred comparison allocation.

    Stocks (%) Bonds (%) Cash (%)
     +   +   =      

Step 4: Results!

Finally, press Get Results! and your investment performance will be reported below.

    Out of Pocket Profit or Loss:
    Benchmark Portfolio Profit or Loss:  
    Market Adjusted Profit or Loss:

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